Heartworm Disease is on the Rise in the Albuquerque Area

Albuquerque has again made a top 10 list and not for a positive reason, no pun intended. Heartworm disease is on the rise and with the increased rainfall, we have seen this spring we are poised to see even more spread of the disease. Several other factors that have changed in the last decade such as the use of rain barrels and container gardens have also played a role. These potential water reservoirs have given mosquitoes more opportunity to thrive in our desert environment. The evolution of many species of mosquitoes to survive in drier climates has also added to their ability to exist easily where they were not able to in the past.

Heartworm disease is a very complex disease and can affect many vital organs, including the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. As a result, the outcome of infection varies greatly from patient to patient. Heartworm Disease is also a very complex and expensive disease to treat so the best approach is prevention.

For more information on Heartworm Disease, it’s treatment and prevention go to Heartworm Basics. For information on testing and prevention for your pets contact your veterinarian.