Doggles Bloggles

Protective eyewear? For a dog?!

At elevation, it is likely that most people (or maybe it’s just me) have been chastised by their eye doctors regarding use of UV protection (sunglasses) while being outside due to the potential for sun damage to their eyes. Humans with excess sun exposure can experience vision loss and abnormal tissue growths over their corneas. Not surprisingly, the same can be noted for our canine companions!

As we are reentering increasing solar exposure here in the high desert, we are bringing up the topic of Doggles, a brand of canine eye protection.

A specific canine indication for UV exposure protection is a disease called “pannus.” This typically affects German Shepherd Dogs (although other breeds can be affected) and is an inflammatory condition of the cornea. This condition results in abnormal tissue forming over the clear part of the eye and, if untreated, can lead to complete vision loss. The inflamed stages of pannus can cause notable eye discomfort. This disease is part of an abnormal immune system response to the sun! As such, especially here at elevation, it is important to have our predisposed dogs wear eye protection.


Okos has pannus, but he doesn’t let that cramp his style! He sports his Doggles for ongoing eye protection and as part of his working dog persona.


Miss Darcy on the other hand wears Doggles due to a penetrating injury to her eye
resulting from her love of jumping into bushes!!! As such, when she is out patrolling the neighborhood or her yard, she wears her trusty eye protection.


Miss Stormy sports her Doggles to keep dirt out of her “cherry eye.” This condition involves the flipping up of her tear producing gland, causing it to get inflamed and trap dirt in her eye. With her Doggles, she remains relatively dirt-free.


Lastly, we have FASHION! Gage sports her Doggles in the clinic to encourage dogs with medical conditions to feel comfortable wearing them !

Keep us posted with any questions or concerns regarding whether you feel your dog should wear Doggles or check out doggles.com.

Liz Georges, DVM (and Gage)

Liz Georges, DVM (and Gage)