Aztec Animal Clinic’s Green Initiative

Green Initiatives

Caring for animals also means caring for their, and our, environment. In an effort to operate a more environmentally friendly veterinary clinic, we have implemented numerous policies to help us reduce, reuse and recycle!

Here are some things we do at Aztec Animal Clinic to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Donate outdated computers and electronics to Computer Corner. They rebuild the computers and donate them to local schools.
  • Encourage commuting by bicycle with a bicycle rack available for employees and clients.
  • Require double-sided printing and print on scrap paper whenever possible.
  • Use digital radiography instead of conventional film X-rays.
  • Use electronic medical records instead of file folders and paper forms.
  • Offer e-mail receipts, report cards and handouts. We only print items when clients request it.
  • Use electronic signature pads instead of having clients sign paper.
  • Download lab results and lab work orders that we also request electronically.
  • Use washable coffee mugs.
  • Laminate cage cards so we can reuse them.
  • Use social media for marketing and advertising instead of printed materials.
  • Use our website to distribute information to our clients.
  • Recycle everything we can, including used paper, plastics, cardboard, aluminum cans, glass, batteries, printing cartridges and packaging inserts from pharmaceutical suppliers.
  • Use landscaping plants that are mostly native and drought-resistant.
  • Use low-flow automated drip system for landscaping.
  • Use biodegradable pet waste bags.

We will continue to implement earth-friendly policies at Aztec Animal Clinic. If you have any questions or suggestions for more ways we can improve, please get in touch!