Fear Free ™

Check out the handouts below before your visit to ensure your pet has a Fear Free veterinary experience!

  1. Preparing for your Fear Free Visit
    1. Pre-Visit Client Questionnaire
    2. Preparing for the Visit
    3. How to Make the Trip to the Vet Hospital Fear Free
    4. How to Manage a Fear Free Return Home
  2. Fear Free Educational Materials
    1. Fear Free for Cats
    2. How to Pill Your Pet with Kindness
    3. Giving Medications to Your Pet
    4. Fulfilled Dog is a Happy Dog
    5. Training Session Length
    6. Keep Calm and Muzzle On
  3. Fear Free Puppies and Kittens Socialization
    1. Fear Free Kitten Socialization
    2. Fear Free Puppy Socialization